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Next week, there will be another Smart Education Expo 2019 that will be happening on the 26th to 29th March, whereby professional experts share their policy and insights on future of education developments.

The 2019 Smart Education Expo is organized by the Institute for Information Industry (III) to focus on equity, quality and lifelong learning and to also commit on developing society skills and digital transformation required for every citizen in this dynamic and evolving digital era.

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As our objective to explore innovative ideas for future education development, for the first time ever, Smart Education Expo will initiate an Education Forum along with 2 education talks which are focused on Smart Campus Development and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) Education.

SmartCity Smart Education Expo

Higher Education Industry Solutions Director at Microsoft, Dr. Alexandros Papaspyridis, Director General of Technology and Higher Education Resources, Dr. Ali Ghufrom Mukti, and Director of Tampere LUMATE Centre, Dr. Riikka Lahtinen, will be further accompanied by education leaders from 10 different countries to address their extensive knowledge and experiences in developing strategies in EdTech industry, innovative STEAM education.

Smart Education Expo visitors will be able to find innovative education solution, the latest learning and teaching technology from 40 different companies. Fast Talks will also be featuring new techniques and practices from schools, start-ups and innovators to share on problem solving strategies based on real life models.

Future educational technology is dynamic and evolving. This environment makes it critical to create cultures focused on constant learning and upskilling for next generation, therefore 2019 Smart Education Expo creates an abundance of opportunities to exchange ideas with educational leaders, disregard old practices and absorb new skills and insights about future educational development.

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