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Honestly, Spotify is a great tool for those who lives and breathes music. I’ve been using Spotify Premium for years now – and rightfully so since I need it to review devices like the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active because why not listen to music from your watch? And now, for those who want to try out Spotify Premium without paying the not-so-premium price, you have 3 months now.

The detail for this new change is as such – for all new Spotify Premium users, you get to enjoy the first 3 months for free. Essentially, it is an extension of your “trial” period from 1 month to 3 months now – and that’s a great deal!

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This new offer is now available at In this 3 months trial, everything in the Spotify library alongside its features is available for your testing. Yet the new 3-months free trial is now available for all new Spotify Premium users globally – but only for Individual plans first, with Family and Duo coming in the later months.

A pro tip from me – just remember to set your Spotify Premium account to download only using WiFi, and to select it to use the highest quality possible for both streaming and downloading. While there are many people complaining about Spotify’s music quality in general – I find it to be quite okay. Moreover, you’ll need really good earphones/headphones/speakers with sensitive ears to discern the differences in audio quality.

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