Georgetown, Penang. It is a heritage city with many old buildings that spans over a hundred years old – and it has the UNESCO status which makes it impossible to run cables through the buildings. Hence, YTL Communications launched Terragraph – a wireless high-speed broadband connection that is supported by Facebook.

The collaboration between YTL Communications and Facebook is in line with the National Fiberisation and Connectivity Plan (NFCP) whereby the internet is to be better in terms of speed and coverage and lowering prices, hence making it readily accessible.

Georgetown is a densely packed area with lots of street furniture. By equipping these street furniture with Terragraph hardware produced by Facebook, the cost can be kept low while having high speed connectivity.

This Terragraph service will be in pilot phase that will last for 6 months. There will be two access available during this pilot phase – Public WiFi and Fixed Wireless Access.

A breakthrough in technology is needed to address the need for better broadband while preserving the uniqueness of Georgetown’s proud UNESCO status. Commencing on March 1, we expect the pilot to last up to six months, during which we will learn and plan for the commercial rollout while continuing to explore ways to harness this advanced wireless fiber technology.

As the pioneer of 4G in Malaysia, we have built the largest pure-4G network and provide Malaysians with the best data value pricing. The future is wireless. This pilot clearly confirms the viability of wireless as an effective last mile solution. The technical breakthrough in providing gigabit wireless using Terragraph is a preview of the exciting era of 5G.

– Wing K. Lee, Chief Executive Officer of YTL Communications

The current preview of Terragraph is already showing great promise. We are currently seeing speeds of around 1.3Gb/s download and 1.7Gb/s upload sped – which is just insanely fast even compared to optical fiber.

The Terragraph pilot program in Georgetown starts this 1st March 2019.

Given that the street furniture are essentially nodes now, the deployment of IoT nodes for things like weather data collection network can also latch onto the Terragraph infrastructure. Essentially, another infrastructure can piggyback off another existing network.

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