There’s no denying that TikTok is indeed one of the biggest social media platforms right now. Yet, the platform is still growing exponentially through memes, idea-sharing, and just some impressive gags shared in the form of short videos. We’ve also shared a few TikTok videos of our own.

Since TikTok is pretty famous amongst youngsters nowadays, TikTok is expanding to encourage brands to join in TikTok as well, by introducing TikTok For Business.

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TikTok For Business

This new TikTok For Business is a platform that helps brands tell their stories in a more creative and engaging way. Brands and marketers in Malaysia can now creatively connect with the broader communities around them and foster user discovery through TikTok. It’s truly impressive to see what videos can deliver, actually.

TikTok For Business
Maybe it’s a sign to be a little goofy at work.

TikTok for Business gives brands the tools needed to be discovered by users, and to connect with the broader communities around them. Through TikTok, brands can engage users through:

  • Scale & creativity:
    • TikTok is a growing platform for marketers to leverage as a must-have destination. TikTok is an entertainment-based platform, offering users and brands the tools to tell their stories.
  • Sight, motion & sound:
    • To tell a short story through sight, sound, and motion. It’s much more effective than just texts and pictures.
  • Inclusive & participatory community:
    • Create engaging content for the people, and the people can engage with the marketing campaign too – by creating their own version of it. Brands can actually experience the impact of their campaigns have on people.
    • Seamless & simple solutions:
      • Working with many of the industry’s leading third-party providers, TikTok is building out a suite of measurement solutions.

    TikTok is also announcing its latest AR Branded Effect called Brand Scan, a new product that allows users to have an augmented reality experience with any brand.

    To learn more about TikTok for Business, visit

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