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TikTok is one of the most popular social media on the planet right now. It’s a platform that is accessible for everyone to post a short video – either of themselves or of something weird and random – or perhaps something educational. TikTok’s latest movement, which is aptly named #TikTokClassroom, encourages TikTok users to create educational video outside of classrooms.

It is also encouraged to create interactive educational videos that are short, which is in compliant with TikTok’s DNA.

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These #TikTokClassroom videos can be in various topics – ranging from topics, life hacks, and photography – are cycled through every 2 weeks.

TikTok #TikTokClassroom

Each TikTok classroom would consist of 3 TikTok educators who can share up to 3 tutorials or how-to videos each on a given subject. Viewers would then be able to access these videos by searching #TikTokClassroom on TikTok. Many Malaysians from various professions including educators have already lent their expertise. Here are a few examples.

For me, there is never “too much education”. Either formal education in a classroom or informal education from everywhere else, I believe there is something to learn from everyone.

For me, I learned a lot of random stuff from watching TikTok videos. Those aren’t even #TikTokClassroom videos and yet I learned something from it!

To be able to learn something without having that classroom feel is amazing. I always learn a lot of stuff watching videos, playing games, and even going on my own journey to learn more about wireless audio delay!

#TikTokClassroom is aimed to do the same by engaging educational content without having that classroom feel. It’s a great move given that the younger generation is always on their phones and on social media anyway.

The reason why TikTok is doing this #TikTokClassroom movement is to show how big of a role education is in our life, and as a timely reminder to honor our educators who shaped who we are today. Kudos to TikTok for doing this!

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