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We’ve dealt with a huge amount of smartphones over the years, and I’ve personally seen a heard and read about a lot of misconceptions, and we’re here to address some of them, and even explain why many might think so. Here are top 5 misconceptions about tech gadgets, mostly focusing on smartphones, that we really hope to destroy.

1. New major update means major screw-up


In extreme cases, getting an entirely new device is necessary to run the new system. While this might be somewhat true, it isn’t always the case. It varies between who is the manufacturer of the device, some of them provide major updates seamlessly and without any issues, whereas some manufacturers can provide an update and screw everything up.

Let’s start with a brief introduction on the manufacturers and brands. Nexus devices are always the first one to get the latest and greatest, but suffer from the same fate as others – once aged, they’re forgotten. However, since the Nexus community of modders are very active, old and forgotten devices even manage to upgrade to the use a version of Android that is not officially supported.

However, the point is – phones get outdated when it’s two years old (worst case, [S]ertain phone manufacturers’s flagship phone) to 3-4 years (best case, Nexus 4, some iPhones). Do you need a new phone every year to run the latest and greatest? Nope.

2. New phones have no issues software-wise


Actually – this is entirely manufacturer-dependent, and a hint of personal preference. There are people telling me that their new phones are supposed to be running without any problems at all – WiFi works without any dropping issues, there are no whatever gate-related issues like iPhone’s antenna, and camera works fast and absolutely having no issues.

Problems were there - even for the OnePlus One running CM11S.
Problems were there – even for the OnePlus One running CM11S.

While this might be true for some manufacturers, there is no clear cut on how issue-free the device will be during the launch. For example, the ZenFone 2 had a problem which I thought was extremely stupid – pictures taken with LINE messenger were all rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise.

That’s where software updates come into the picture. ASUS fixed that issue recently with a software update. And that makes me wonder – why are there people who resist to update their device’s software and apps???

3. Chinese phones are the worst


5 years ago, it might be. Today, Chinese phones are the few best in the market – OnePlus One, Huawei, Honor, Oppo, Xiaomi, and even Vivo – are all from China. The Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi shocked the world with their custom ROM – the MIUI ROM – many years ago, since the early days prior to Android 2.2 Froyo. After some years, the group formed a company called Xiaomi (now also known as simply Mi), and as of 2014, Xiaomi is the world’s third largest vendor already.

Heck Xiaomi even makes the most amazing yet budget-friendly accessories out there now! Just check out their earphones!

Back to Chinese phones – it can be justified by a simple supply and demand concept. If the brand is horrible, there will be no demand and thus the manufacturer will seize to make anymore phones. However, it can obviously be seen that Chinese manufacturers are getting better and better – to the point where even Xiaomi can be compared to the big names of Apple and Samsung alike.

DSC_4258 copy

Personally, I like the OnePlus One way too much. Vivo is making great phones, Oppo’s VOOC is still the industry-leading fast-charging technology with their very high wattage chargers. It revolutionized the entire market – everyone is adopting fast charging and with that said, it’s a good thing. Everyone will soon be enjoying super fast charging with their lithium-ion batteries.

4. There is always a “best brand”

It’s a personal preference. That said, I personally disagree. Samsung doesn’t make the best phone all the time, so does ASUS, Xiaomi, Oppo, or any other brands. Sometimes, a mid-range phone can be much more better than the rival’s flagship device.

zenfone 2 (14)

Let me rephrase that – it’s supposed be “there is always a best preferred, specific device at a specific budget at one particular time”. It might be confusing, but here’s an example – if I want to buy a very good phone now with a sub-RM800 price range, we can see the market is flooded with smartphones from many manufacturers. There’s the famous Mi phones, Motorola phones, and Lenovo phones. The question remains – which is the best device with this limited budget?

DSC_4273 copy

After the question of budget comes personal preference – the physical look and feel, and even the software’s user experience. Android comes in multiple flavours depends on which brand you go for – Nexus is purely from Google, Samsung comes with TouchWiz, ASUS has ZenUI, and so on. Ultimately for this case, I will personally go for Xiaomi’s very own Mi 4i. It has greater user experience, better hardware, more storage, and definitely better software support.

Now, back to personal preference. The choice is ultimately yours – other people can only recommend or list out of the phones that meets their requirements. Some might want a better camera but does not care about the software user experience, but some might want a phone with balanced software and hardware. It’s entirely your own choice.

5. Apple has no viruses

Everything has exploits. Jailbreak is an exploit, but used only to gain root access and not to do something malicious. That said, if something malicious is done using the jailbreak method of exploit, it’s a virus. That means viruses do exist on iOS and Mac OS X.

And Macs have them too – just less viruses in terms of amount.

How does it affect you?

First of all, don’t be so gullible. If you’re reading this, then congratulations – you have access to the internet. Go do a quick Google and double check on facts you happen to cross over – heck, triple check if you have to. Doesn’t hurt to be a little paranoid on such things.

After all, the things we choose to believe will ultimately affect our own choice – and those choices will affect our very own devices that we choose to use, affecting our user experience with the device. If I’m happy using something that I feel absolutely comfortable using, then use that.

Never conform to trends and buy the latest, most expensive gadget, but couldn’t find any reason to like it.

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