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As 5G is planned for commercial rollout this Q3 of 2020, there are many showcases of that 5G technology can do for all of us. U Mobile showed us what it can do with 5 different use cases, but we’re highlighting 3 of them.

Once again, from Langkawi in conjunction with the 5G Demonstration Projects organised by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, here are 5 different use cases.

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U Mobile 5G

1. Remote Consultation with MEDCOM

U Mobile has partnered MEDCOM to offer remote consultation in hospitals. This one is not as intense or time-critical as the one shown by Digi, but still needs high, continuous bandwidth to let the doctors talk to their patients while offering diagnostic data in real-time.

2. VR Tourism

U Mobile 5G

By using HTC Vive, we can now experience other parts of the world with a click. I mean, VR tourism is pretty self-explanatory – you just look around the detination in VR. I do wish a remote controlled robot with 360 degree camera to be implemented too – then I can remotely control the robot and walk around while looking at the scenery.

3. VR Gaming

Again with the HTC Vive, we can now play games with 5G. U Mobile showcased the power of 5G gaming with Front Defence. I’m still looking forward to the day where 5G is implemented with Google Stadia, then we can truly play our games wherever we are.

U Mobile 5G

The potential for 5G is vast but as of now, most of them are either in a perfect scenario for demonstrations. When more users in the city or in the concrete jungle of KL, then the signal strength will vary, and bandwidth congestions will happen.

While it looks promising now, the real-world user experience will vary a lot.

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