Over the course of these few months since the new government was formed, we Malaysians have been seeing a big overhaul in how internet used to be priced. Little did we know, U Mobile is also taking proactive steps to make sure their service is affordable for the everyday users – hence the introduction of the new Unlimited HERO P139 postpaid plan.

The Unlimited HERO P139, as the name of it suggests, is priced at RM139 per month. It comes with unlimited high-speed data, unlimited high definition video streaming, 50GB of hotspot (they can detect), and 3GB of free data for roaming across 5 continents.


The extra 3GB of free roaming data in a total of 36 destinations, including the United States of America, France, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand and Singapore. Take a look at the table below for the full list of countries.

   ROAM-ONZ GLOBAL: Available in 36 destinations

Australia Indonesia Russia
Austria Ireland Saudi Arabia
Bangladesh Italy Singapore
Brunei Japan South Korea
Cambodia Laos Sri Lanka
Canada Latvia Sweden
China Lithuania Taiwan
Denmark Myanmar Thailand
Egypt Netherlands UK
France Pakistan Ukraine
Hong Kong Philippines USA
India Poland Vietnam

Obviously this means that frequent travelers will get to enjoy this free roaming data. 3GB is not much, but at least there is something to use. Also there are terms and condition when it comes to this Roam-Onz as well.

  • Roam-Onz
    • Unlimited HERO P139 is bundled with Roam-Onz, offering 3GB free roaming data in 12 destinations
  • Roam-Onz Global
    • Customers who sign up for Unlimited HERO P139 between 5 Dec 2018 – 28 Feb 2019 will enjoy the new Roam-Onz Global at no additional cost for 24 months
    • Roam-Onz Global extends the 3GB free roaming data to an additional 24 destinations

U Mobile believes that we are #barulahbest, because we are always upping the ante from rapidly expanding our own 4G LTE network across Malaysia with the latest technology to continually enhance customer experience with plans that are relevant and offer the best value because we know what our customers desire.

– Jasmine Lee, Chief Marketing Officer of U Mobile

Cutting through all the fluff and looking at the full list of terms and condition on U Mobile’s website here, we can see that there are indeed limitations when it comes to P2P usages. Imagine playing a game of For Honor and you’re locked down to only 64kbps. Yikes.

That aside, I highly suggest you to read up the T&C before subscribing to this plan. It looks good – sure, but do consider all of the other factors that affect your quality of usage too.

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