U Mobile just launched the new campaign which they are calling the #UCubaTry. This is exactly what they say it is – you can go and subscribe for a week for RM99. Within a week’s time, if you are unsatisfied, you can get a full refund!

The new #UCubaTry is only for the Unlimited P99 plan for now. To spice things up, U Mobile is also including unlimited calls and 30GB of data for hotspot during this 7-day trial period. Once you are satisfied with the experience you have with U Mobile’s new and improved 4G network, you can continue using the Unlimited P99!

This new #UCubaTry will run from 23rd April until 31st October 2019.

The reason why U Mobile is doing the #UCubaTry is because they are improving the 4G networks and coverage drastically. Here is a table of stats that U Mobile provided:

State Stat
Selangor 9/10 West Malaysian covered in 2019
N9 114% 4G site growth
Perak 186% 4G Site growth
Penang 98% population covered with 4G in 2019
Johor 96% 4G site growth in 2019
Melaka 98% population covered with 4G in 2019
Perlis 90% population covered with 4G in 2019
Kedah Better and wider 4G coverage

As a part of the U Mobile #UCubaTry campaign, there are also 2 more promotions that are going on.

  • Mobile number portability (MNP) rebate (23rd April to 31st October 2019)
    • New customers who port to U Mobile will receive a total rebate of RM120. This rebate will be split into RM10 over 12 months. This promotion is valid for U Mobile Unlimited P99 or P139.
    • #UCubaTry customers can also enjoy the MNP rebate but will have to cancel or terminate the 7-day trial first, then proceed to port over to U Mobile with MNP.
  • RM0.99 smartphone bundle
    • If you want to port over to U Mobile already, you can also enjoy this RM0.99 smartphone with these deals.
    • This bundle is also valid for #UCubaTry customers who want to continue using the P99 plan.
Plan Smartphones available
Unlimited HERO P79 Samsung Galaxy A20 32GB
Unlimited HERO P99 Samsung Galaxy A20 32GB or Samsung Galaxy A30 64GB
Unlimited HERO P139 iPhone 6S 32GB, OPPO F11 Pro 64GB, Samsung Galaxy A20 32GB, Samsung Galaxy A30 64GB, or Samsung Galaxy A50 128GB

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