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There are a bunch of rumors going on around that said the next-generation of Samsung flagship smartphones will have 90Hz refresh rate displays. The company is already selling 90Hz to other smartphone manufacturers, it makes sense for Samsung themselves to use their 90Hz on their own upcoming flagship smartphone.

Since “gaming smartphones” like the ROG Phone 2 (review) has 90Hz and 120Hz refresh rate to be changed via the system settings or in the game manager.

ASUS Zenbook 14X OLED

During our review of the Galaxy Fold, we realized a new setting in the Game Launcher. With the newly revamped Game Launcher app – the one that has Discord integration, it has a new option to change how the game runs.

Samsung 90Hz refresh rate Game Launcher

To enter the new game performance menu, you can follow these steps:

This feature is pretty similar to the ASUS ROG Phone 2’s Armoury Crate, which is their version of a games manager. In the Armoury crate found in the ROG Phone 2, you can change what level of performance you want for each game, and is able to force a different frame rate for each game individually.

Samsung 90Hz refresh rate Game Launcher

Samsung’s new Game Launcher app now has the ability to do something similar albeit much more simplistic. It also has the option to lower the resolution of the game so that a higher frame rate can be achieved and maintained.

And the new maximum FPS slider piqued our interest. This slider is also found on the Armoury Crate on the ROG Phone 2. For Samsung to implement this feature on the Galaxy Fold, it does hint at the next Samsung flagship smartphone to have a 90Hz or even 120Hz refresh rate display.

Samsung Galaxy Note10+

Currently, the Game Launcher on the Galaxy S10 series and presumably the Note10 series also has this frame rate slider, but doesn’t really offer much value here since all of Samsung’s smartphones – as of the time of publishing – only has 60Hz refresh rate at most.

Prominent leaker Ice Universe has stated that the appearance and configuration (presumably specs) of the Galaxy S11 is already determined. With this in mind, we can see leaks and the Galaxy S11 rumor mill will start churning.

Personally speaking, the higher refresh rate on a smartphone is something nice to have, but definitely not a must-have. The battery life and performance cost for the extra frame rate is too pricey – and yet many apps and games can’t go beyond 60FPS too.

Though, developers are picking up the pace but it will still take time to fully support higher frame rates.


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