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Another month, another wave of Whatsapp phish returns in the form of Google Search results. Yes, they are now closer than ever.

Fake Whatsapp 3
Credits: TechNave CN

According to TechNave CN, they have observed that by googling Whatsapp, the very first result typically appears before the actual results due to sponsored spots is occupied by, at least from the surface, Whatsapp.

Fake Whatsapp 2
Credits: TechNave CN

However, the URL for the site is actually “https://www.whatisupcom.com” but for the non-wary, the design and the layout almost mimic the original perfectly and it might convince people to install Whatsapp through the malicious link and not through the proper platform, thus leaking personal information in the end.

Fake Whatsapp 1
Credits: HKEPC

On the other hand, Hong Kong based HKEPC posted on their Facebook warning followers about the same topic but with a different URL as in “https://www.whatsapag.com” and it is made to look like Whatsapp Web to the point where some people may just straight up scan the QR code on the screen and not realize they might have compromised themselves.

However, as the time of writing, perhaps Google might have found out about the suspicious act and proceed to remove these sponsored results and from the looks of it, only those who are googling in either Simplified Chinese or perhaps Traditional Chinese will get the fake results whereas the English group are as normal as it can be.

From the looks of it, it might be one of the attempts in social engineering attacks where only the Chinese locale was targeted for whatever reason and as long as it can pull in sensitive information without much effort, hackers will definitely do whatever it takes to drive you into spilling all the secret sauce.

Just like this guy right here.

Whatsapp Scam 2

Whatsapp Scam 1An Indian number informing me there’s a free job in Shopee Malaysia and I need to contact a Malaysian number eh.

Try harder Jonak.

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