Technology moves forward by the day. A few months ago, we saw the notched displays, then cutouts for selfie cameras on the Samsung Galaxy S10+ (review), and since then, many smartphone brands have opted to make popup selfie cameras. Xiaomi just demonstrated under-display selfie camera technology.

In the race to pursue of having the highest screen-to-body ratio for a phone, manufacturers have gone to the lengths of investing a considerable amount into R&D to create the smallest notch for the camera. Ideally, the phone should be all screen, edge-to-edge. Xiaomi’s short little video on Twitter demonstrates their new selfie camera under the display. It is so well hidden that I have no idea where it is hidden.

Of course, this is just a short little video showing how the selfie camera can be tucked under the display. We presume that this technology is somewhat similar to the current under-display fingerprint scanner, though moving the OLED pixels out of the way is the challenge to overcome.

Xiaomi under-display selfie camera twitter video

To show that the camera is indeed under the display and unobstructed, they highlighted where the selfie camera is, and also showed an entirely red colored screen.

Xiaomi under-display selfie camera twitter video

When the video showed the selfie camera, we can see that there is a black bar at the top of the display. We still do not know if that is necessary for the under-display selfie camera to work or the software is not finalized yet.

Currently there are no details on how Xiaomi achieved this magnificent feat – but we surely are interested in knowing just how exactly this under-display selfie camera works.

Can we see this technology being implemented in the next Mi Mix smartphone? Since Xiaomi’s Mi Mix series is indeed the noteworthy pioneer of high screen-to-body ratio, perhaps Xiaomi will once again push the boundary even further.

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