We all know the mobile gaming scene is growing bigger by the day – and honestly speaking, PUBG Mobile is one of the biggest mobile games to this day. Yoodo wants all of us to experience PUBG Mobile for with 20GB of free data per month.

Yoodo is Malaysia’s first ever telco to offer a customizable plan. It offers a customized amount of mobile data per month, the number of SMS per month, and also the amount of minutes of call per month. There are other additions as well – like extra mobile data for Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and now – PUBG Mobile.

Yoodo PUBG Mobile add-in

To celebrate this occasion, Yoodo is offering the PUBG Mobile add-on for free for all Yoodo users now. PUBG Mobile add-on is also Yoodo’s first ever mobile game to be offered through an add-on. Yoodo is also running on Celcom’s network – so you can expect top-notch coverage wherever you are seeking to have a chicken dinner.

Earlier last month, Yoodo announced its intention to increase focus towards gamers. Just a month later, we have delivered on the next phase of this plan with the launch of this exclusive PUBG MOBILE Add-on. Through the Add-on we are empowering gamers by giving them greater choice and control of how they purchase and consume data.

– Chow Tuck Mun, Head of Yoodo

From what we experienced though, PUBG Mobile isn’t exactly a data-heavy game to begin with. However, having a low ping is important as PUBG Mobile is heavily dependent on real-time data communication.

Yoodo PUBG Mobile add-in

For existing Yoodo users, you can navigate to the add-on tab within the Yoodo app and then select the PUBG MOBILE Add-on from the add-on list. With this, users will be able to enjoy free 20GB of PUBG MOBILE specific data for the month. Not a bad offer, to be honest.

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