It’s been quite some time since a new telco enters the market – and here we have Yoodo. Yoodo is a new player in the market, but instead of offering the plans of the same caliber at different prices, Yoodo offers customization. You can literally customize your plan to whatever you want.

I’m pretty sure many of us tech-savvy people who are always on YouTube will have heard of the name “Ting” before. Yoodo offers a similar experience where you can customize your own plan down to how many minutes of calls you want, how many SMS you send, and how many gigabytes of data you use in a month. You can even top off additional data for social media if you wish to do so.

Customers can order a free SIM via the app or web and have the option of Standard Delivery (within 1 – 3 days) or Express Delivery where the SIM will be delivered within 2 hours. For Express delivery, RM15 will be charged and this is currently available only in the Klang Valley. Activation of the SIM is done via the app and users will self-authenticate their identity using their IC or passport and facial recognition. They will then have a free hand to customise their mobile plan.

Plans can be changed any time through the app with no fee charged, with the changes taking effect the following month.

The goal is to provide consumers with a simpler, clearer and better overall experience with
cutting-edge digital products and services. Simpler means there are fewer steps for sign up, changing plans, account inquiries, paying, disconnection and reconnection. Clearer means no hidden charges or contracts, with real-time usage information available through the mobile app. Better means it is more comprehensive, with near-immediate SIM delivery, online community support, number portability, roaming and Wi-Fi tethering all available at launch.

The Yoodo app is universally available for all Android and iOS devices.

Yoodo App
Just get the app, and you can get started instantly!

Honestly speaking, what took us Malaysians so long to roll out something like what Ting has offered for years? Though, I am glad that we have customizable plans out in the market now. One thing’s for sure, the plans aren’t granular enough to the point where I can type in whatever amount I want to use in a month. For example, Yoodo only allows you to choose either 2GB or 5GB of data per month – but I can’t select 3GB per month.

Still, it’s a big step forward compared to what we have in the past. And hey – Yoodo is using Celcom’s network!

Have you switched to Yoodo yet?