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At this day and age, we know one thing is for sure – females can create content. And they’re really good at it too. However, there are some blockades and obstacles that just doesn’t make sense at all. Meet these 3 Malaysian YouTubers – Jenn Chia (SoImJenn), Leona Chin and Linora Low.

Multi-talented personality Jenn believes that YouTube has opened up a world of possibilities in her career. Moreover, the platform helps her to challenge others be the best versions of themselves through relatable and meaningful exchanges of ideas.

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YouTube Female Creator #GenYTMY
YouTube has helped multi-talented personality Jenn Chia help others be the best versions of themselves.

I chose YouTube because it’s freely available for everyone and it also allows me to connect with a whole world of people I otherwise wouldn’t meet! I realised by sharing a thought, an idea or a story, YouTube is able to connect me with others who either felt the same or have different worldviews that would enrich mine.

– Jenn

Despite being in a male-dominated sport, Leona’s career in motorsports would not have taken off if it weren’t for YouTube and the endless support of her mother. Armed with racing tutorials she found on YouTube, she was able to go the distance as both a professional drifter and an avid content creator.

YouTube Female Creator #GenYTMY
Professional racer Leona Chin shares how she learning how to drift from watching videos on YouTube.


I learned how to drift from YouTube! I watched several ‘how to drift’ videos on YouTube to get the basics, then slowly with help of friends, I started getting better at it. Now I’m looking forward to focus on other types of racing. My mom was the kickstart I needed for my motorsports career. She is very supportive of my passion for racing, allowing me to attend motorsport events and to learn drifting.

– Leona

Fitness icon Linora initially chose YouTube as a platform to keep track of her personal fitness goal. She didn’t expect her humble beginnings on the platform to become a stage to inspire others to live a healthier lifestyle.

YouTube Female Creator #GenYTMY
Fitness icon Linora Low transformed her personal channel into a stage to inspire healthy living in others

“I decided to give YouTube a go as that would hold me accountable to a goal I wanted to achieve in 2017 which was my first bikini competition. YouTube is also a place where I can document the whole journey so that I can look back and see my progress while sharing my transformation experience to inspire and educate others.

– Linora

YouTube has always been an open stage where anyone can share their story. In fact, a Google-commissioned research conducted by Nielsen Total Media Fusion found that 50% of YouTube’s global audience is female, making it all the more important for the platform to continue championing women, creators and viewers alike.

YouTube Female Creator #GenYTMY
YouTube creators Jenn Chia, Leona Chin and Linora Low posing with YouTube pillows.

Honestly speaking, I’m quite an avid visitor of YouTube. Take a short break and then head on over to YouTube to have a look at some stuff – be it for entertainment or for some laughs. While we do know YouTube has its ups and downs, it’s still the most powerful platform in the world for video sharing.

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