ASUS ROG Zephyrus S GX502

Review – dbrand Shopping Experience

There comes a time where people were very happy with cases on their phones. I admit that I was one of them too, until sometime during December of 2012, when I was using my Galaxy Nexus without any cases at all. Partly this is due to the fact that there aren't much cases to choose from and also the phone is nicely shaped with the curve, which I really appreciate its design.

[Review] ASUS PadFone Mini

Here it is - the smaller size of the critically acclaimed ASUS PadFone series, yet a very niche product. In theory, it's a very practical concept. In reality however, it is definitely tricky to just have both devices to work together.

[Review] HTC Desire 610

The name HTC Desire had been with us since the beginning of Android - during the era of the first ever Nexus phone, the Nexus One. The HTC Desire had such a great success that they decided to keep the brand name Desire until today.

[Review] HTC One M8 – Beauty and the beast

Before we begin getting down into the review, here's a little breakdown on what's the excitement about the new HTC One. The previous One was a trendsetter with its metal body build, and was a very strong contender of the 'social media-centric' device with the UltraPixel camera.

[Review] Samsung Gear 2 – expensive showoff

Here's what's up with Samsung these days. They released two smartwatches that didn't run on Android - the previously-reviewed Gear Fit runs on Real Time OS, and the Gear 2 runs on Tizen. Happened a few days ago, the original Samsung Galaxy Gear got an update and changed it to run on Tizen too, which technically renamed the Samsung Galaxy Gear to just the Samsung Gear.

[Review] Samsung Gear Fit = smart+fitness+watch+mediocrity

The first time when I saw the Gear Fit during Samsung's Galaxy S5 launch in Malaysia nearly two months ago, it came to mine that hey - the curved screen is definitely something special! Touch screen with a Super AMOLED display, a heart rate sensor, and also able to vibrate when notifications come in? On paper, that makes the Gear Fit sounds like a jack-of-all-trades.

[Review] Asus PadFone Infinity

Today, consumers are constantly facing a dilemma – do I need a tablet, or my smartphone is enough? I personally am facing this dilemma, where I think that something like a 7-inch tablet would be a nice complement to my Nexus 4. Asus however, took the merging step and made the PadFone. After few iterations, we get to take a look at how far Asus had come with their PadFone line of devices.

Nexus 4 review

It’s been long since the Nexus 4 arrived on Malaysian shores and on our hands. The phone is just oh-so cheap despite the non-Google Play Store price of RM1650 compared to the about RM1050 if directly converted from the US Google Play Store price.

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