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Let us just begin by saying that Courts Malaysia listed the Galaxy S9 with 64GB of internal storage at RM1,299 only, and the Galaxy S9+ with 64GB storage at RM1,899. Obviously, the prices seem too good to be true. However, the entire saga is actually quite interesting.

It started when I was chatting with a friend who wanted to buy a new phone and discovered that the Galaxy S9 is only at RM1,299, sold by Courts Malaysia on LazMall. For more information about LazMall, click here. In short, it is a sub-space for verified stores only. One of the T&C clause states that the items are 100% authentic.

The saga begins – Galaxy S9 at RM1,299

When I first discovered that RM1,299 deal, I was surprised. It was way too low below market price. Even lower than the second hand prices! With that big surprise, I knew I had to share with all of my Facebook Page followers.

It was near midnight on a Wednesday night and I didn’t expect many people to be awake or browsing through Facebook that time.

Plot twist –  this post got quite viral and was shared to a few big groups, where it got a lot of attention. Needless to say, the Galaxy S9 at RM1,299 was sold out within half an hour.

Wow. Seems like many people are still in love with the Galaxy S9 that was released more than a year ago.

Samsung Galaxy S9
It still is one of my favorite phone.

We have readers who stated that you can walk in to your nearest Courts store and ask them for the Galaxy S9 at RM1,299 and they will gladly sell it to you at that price with no questions asked.

Then comes the Galaxy S9+ at RM1,899

Looking at the oopsie for the Galaxy S9, I had an epiphany – to check for another oopsies in Court’s LazMall store. And there, I found out that the Galaxy S9+ was also mistakenly priced. Of course, we once again had to share it with our beloved readers.

UPDATE: That was not a pricing mistake

The Galaxy S9+ was indeed selling at RM1,899 since 21st March. That was the official price, until it was sold out completely. We apologize for this mistake.

Once again, it was spread to many other groups and it went viral instantly. Without a surprise, it was once again sold out within half an hour. People are really still loving the Galaxy S9 series of smartphones after a year.

The celebration and despair

Our comment sections (yes, plural) were flooded by people asking “hey, is this for real?” or “did they ship it out?” or something along these lines. Some also commented that they missed out the deal and was saddened. That’s why you should like and follow our Facebook Page here. 😉

Some were even accusing Courts Malaysia as scammers. Obviously, that is true since they are a part of LazMall and the items are guaranteed to be “100% authentic” or they will pay us back double the price of the item. Learn more about LazMall here.

The only thing we could do then is wait and see how Courts Malaysia responded to this situation.

Were the orders be fulfilled or cancelled?

Yes and no. It’s confusing – but let’s breakdown what happened here.

The Galaxy S9 deal at RM1,299? Most of our readers actually got a call from Courts saying that the delivery will be made on the next day, which eventually they did receive the Galaxy S9 at RM1,299. That means yes, this order is fulfilled – although there were some that said their order got cancelled.

The received items were in pristine condition. Sealed, too. Obviously this is a fantastic deal considering that it is essentially RM1,299 for a fantastic flagship smartphone that is still powerful, albeit a year old.

As for the Galaxy S9+, the orders seem to be cancelled outright. Which seems strange since I have personally asked quite a few person and the only reply I got was “nope, cancelled and refunded.”

The reason for the Galaxy S9+ order cancellation is rather incoherent. One reader said it was because of pricing error, and another one said it was because there was no more stock.

And yes, Courts Malaysia removed all entries of the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+ on their LazMall store.

UPDATE: The Galaxy S9+ listing is back on Courts LazMall store

Courts Malaysia oopsie Galaxy S9 Galaxy S9+

It’s weird to see this but the Galaxy S9+ in black with 64GB and 128GB storages are listed at RM2,299 only. Seems like Courts Malaysia did yet another oopsie for listing the 128GB storage version at RM2,299?

Conclusion – did Courts really did an oopsie? Was it intentional?

Another one of our reader, Saktis Impreza, is a mad lad and emailed Courts Malaysia directly and asked for the pricing.

Courts Malaysia oopsie Galaxy S9 Galaxy S9+

From what we can find out, it does look like an oopsie. Where did the RM1,299 and RM1,899 came from? It is actually from another promotion that Courts Malaysia is doing to clear off the demo units of the phones. Thanks to another one of our reader who sent this picture to us.

Courts Malaysia oopsie Galaxy S9 Galaxy S9+

Whether it is an oopsie or not, I wholeheartedly congratulate those who got the Galaxy S9 at RM1,299. You scored gold. 👏

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