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I was scouring around Lazada for the ASUS ZenFone 5z RM1,699 deal (which is already over) and there I found something – the official ASUS Lazada Store has a tag there that says LazMall Flagship Store. Upon further inspection, I found out that other flagship stores in Malaysia were already part of this new LazMall Malaysia.

LazMall Flagship Store
The ASUS ZenFone Max Pro (M1) 3GB RAM + 32GB storage is on sale for RM599 now on LazMall, by the way. Also check out our review here!

It’s clear that Lazada is expanding their coverage in Malaysia with their new ecommerce section and perhaps to clear dismiss any concerns about scams (which we covered here). Not only that, LazMall can also properly categorize and list out all of the official brand stores in Malaysia. By doing that, users will know that they’re browsing the official brand stores in Lazada Malaysia.

MSI Creator 17 Mini-LED

ASUS LazMall Flagship Store

However, there are some things to take note of when it comes to LazMall. Again based on our quick research, LazMall has a few key differentiation points from the non-LazMall store counterparts.

  • 100% authenticity
    • Get 2 times your money back if you received a non-authentic product from LazMall (with T&C)
  • 15 days return policy

These two claims are pretty bold. However, it’s not the first time for us to see an ecommerce platform to promise 100% product authenticity. Remember Lmall?

LazMall Flagship Store

From what I can discover, LazMall requires all LazMall Flagship Store to fulfill 2 conditions – 100% authenticity and also the 15 days return policy.

With that said, LazMall is looking pretty good right now. The main page for LazMall has a list of brand events, where each brand event is having a discount code or promotion right now. You can visit LazMall right now too.

There are many brands already in LazMall. Let’s quickly list a few of the brands which are already part of the LazMall Flagship Store:

  • ASUS
  • Cooler Master
  • Samsung
  • Acer
  • Xiaomi
  • Razer
  • OnePlus
  • Honor
  • OPPO
  • Vivo
  • NVIDIA (that our partner talked about here)
  • Tesco (😂)
  • Huawei
  • Apple (Lazada is an Authorized Reseller)
  • Lenovo
  • WD
  • RhinoShield
  • Toshiba System
  • Armaggeddon
  • Courts
  • … and many more!

I’m not sure why Lazada didn’t have any events or posts regarding LazMall. The only thing they did was updating their cover photo in Facebook.

We also discovered that LazMall is not a separate entity from Lazada. It’s a sub-section in Lazada Malaysia with all of the official brand stores now categorizes under LazMall.

By the way, LazMall is a part of Lazada. Your website should be starting with “” or ““. Google Chrome will actually tell you if a site is legit or not. For example, this website is a total scam. Do not enter your personal info there.

LazMall website scam
This is a scam website!

UPDATE: We found out that there is the hidden third option on LazMall products on this page – which is next day delivery. It is equivalent to standard shipping type and exclusive for LazMall items only. Learn more about it here.

Also, not all official brand stores are moved to LazMall. There are a few conditions that the brand store needs to meet before applying to be a part of LazMall.

For sellers, as of the time of updating this article, LazMall is only by invite only.

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