I discovered that Lazada – or Alibaba, since they’re parent company – is expanding their e-commerce dominance with a brand new platform called Daraz Shop. What is Daraz Shop? We’re here to investigate and dig out whatever information we can find.

Discovering Daraz Shop

It was 27th September – Lazada’s Shopathon day. I bought something and a day after that, I got an email to track my order, so I did. Then I was directed to LEL’s tracking page – whereby LEL stands for Lazada E-Logistics. The website looks rather bland as it shows my item’s delivery status only.

ASUS ZenBook 13 UX333

LEL Tracker result page

Then, a weird coincidence happened. I accidentally pressed the “back” button while viewing the delivery status on my phone, and that directly me to LEL’s main page. It’s just a simple page where there’s a box for you to enter your tracking number.

LEL Tracker
daraz Shop?

But what’s interesting to me is the slew of logos at the top of the webpage. We have Alibaba, the parent company of Lazada, then Lazada E-Logistics (hence LEL), Lazada itself, and finally – Daraz Shop.

So what is Daraz Shop?

From what I can find, Daraz Shop is an e-commerce platform that was founded 6 years ago in Pakistan, by Rocket Internet, a German company. While Daraz Shop originates from Pakistan, it is also operating on other countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, and also Myanmar.

Then, Daraz Shop was acquired by Alibaba at May 2018 for an undisclosed deal – similar to what happened to Lazada.

Truth be told, Daraz Shop is pretty much like any other e-commerce available today. But, I do know that Daraz will be using the exact same interface and perhaps the same infrastructure as Lazada. How do I know this? By doing a quick comparison, obviously.

Daraz Shop vs. Lazada main page

The homepage and product page layouts are the same too.

However, Daraz Shop does not have anything equivalent to LazMall, but they do have “official stores” instead.

Daraz Shop mascot

Even the mascots of both platforms are somewhat similar.

What does it mean to us Malaysians?

Before we begin, these are all speculations. We have no solid fact on what it means or how it affects us yet. However, we do have points to back up our speculations.

From what we think, we will soon have more products from overseas available in Lazada. All platforms – Daraz, Taobao, TMall, and Lazada itself, will have its products available across all platforms – but they’re all based in different countries and have different names. We’ve already seen this happening, by the way.

Daraz overseas
There are items shipped directly from China in Daraz as well.

As a quick refresher, Lazada was also founded 6 years ago and also founded by Rocket Internet. Alibaba bought controlling stake of Lazada in April 2016. Then, Alibaba integrated a lot of its other businesses – like TMall and Taobao – into Lazada to expand its market dominance.

Sites like BangGood and GestBest will be in deep trouble if Alibaba group continues its expansion and tightly integrating all platforms together.

Will Daraz Shop even have its products available in Lazada? Will Daraz Shop ship be even more tightly integrated with all of Alibaba’s e-commerce platforms?

Well, we don’t know, but we can speculate.

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