We’ve covered the Pocophone F1 quite extensively here at Nasi Lemak tech. We discovered its availability in Malaysia before the official announcement was made, and then we followed up with a full in-depth review of the Pocophone F1 not long after that. We also covered possibilities on why the price is this low. Now, Poco India has released a statement that the Pocophone F1 is splash-resistant.

Pocophone F1

The splash-resistance certification here is not through the usual IP rating that we’ve come accustomed to over the past few years. This time around the Pocophone F1 gets it splash-resistant certification from P2i, the “global leader in liquid repellent nanotechnology”.

While there are zero information of what type of liquid was used – fresh water, tap water, or sea water – it’s good to at least know that the phone is splash-resistant. Phones are left on the table and accidents to happen, pouring drinks over the phone.

In our review of the Pocophone F1, we discovered reasons why it can be this cheap. While we did highlight the plastic body of the phone, we did not comment on the durability as it is only a loaned unit. JerryRigEverything, the well-known YouTuber who tortures phones for a living, just put the Pocophone F1 through his test.

Surprisingly, the Pocophone F1 passes the test with flying colors.

A few notes to take note here – while the Pocophone F1 did pass the durability test of everyday stresses and strains, there are still limitations to what it can offer. Its set of features for example, are minimal compared to other premium flagships in the market.

With that said, for those who only seek pure performance with great battery life and everything else is secondary, then the Pocophone F1 is certainly still the one and only phone to get.

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