Samsung’s Galaxy S11 series of smartphones will be launching on the 11th February in the US. For us Malaysians, it’ll be on 12th February at 3am. And yes, we’ll be staying awake for that grand launching – but what’s new from Samsung this time? Well, like usual, there are a lot of rumors and alleged leaks.

We’ve been stalking around Twitter for a long time now and it seems like we can break it down to a few categories of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S smartphone. There’s also an entirely new foldable smartphone, by the way.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14

Galaxy Unpacked 2020

Be sure to watch the live stream on 12th February 2020 at 3am (GMT+8) at either or

The name – Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S11?

As of now, we’ve been seeing a lot of back and forth about the name of it. Because there were smartphones that skipped its numbered naming scheme from 10 to 20, we’re unsure what Samsung will name its upcoming smartphone.

According to leakers, it’ll be called the S20 series. However, it’s weird since the launch event is on February 11th instead. We’re leaning towards S11, and we’ll be calling it S11 in this article.

This news from GSM Arena said that the head of Samsung Mobile, DJ Koh, has confirmed that the upcoming flagship smartphone will be called the Galaxy S20. However, this quote is taken from an alleged secret meeting between Samsung and its partners.

High refresh rate screen + center-top hole notch

The prominent leaker Ice Universe has stated that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11 will be using a high refresh rate display. High resolution, even.

In this tweet, he has stated that the new smartphone(s) will be utilizing Samsung’s 120Hz refresh rate AMOLED displays with 2K resolution. That’s rather impressive since smartphones in the market right can only go up to 120Hz at 1080p. Samsung, being the one who manufactures a lot of these high refresh rate AMOLED displays, will obviously pack the latest and greatest display on their upcoming flagship smartphone.

Samsung 90Hz refresh rate Game Launcher

We already know high refresh rate displays will be coming to Samsung smartphones since we have discovered this setting in the Game Launcher. What’s new here is that Samsung might use 120Hz instead of just 90Hz.

108MP main camera

This one seems like a no-brainer. Samsung is the one who developed both the 64MP and 108MP camera sensor for Xiaomi, and it was used in the Redmi Note 8 Pro (review) and the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (review). Both these phones demonstrated what a high-resolution camera sensor in a smartphone can do.

Samsung HMX 108MP

Just like the case with high refresh rate displays, Samsung made these camera sensors – so it’s logical that Samsung will use it in their next flagship smartphone. However, another tweet hints at the possibility of not having 108MP main camera sensor on all the variants of the Galaxy S11.

Ice Universe also stated that the Galaxy S20 and S20e will be using a new 12MP sensor instead, which has a 1.8μm per pixel instead of the 1.4μm per pixel on the current 12MP sensor.  Of course, it’s still not confirmed as of now.

Moreover, since the Galaxy S10 Lite was announced with the craziest OIS ever, we expect to see the upcoming Galaxy S11 to have the same OIS system as well.

S20 Ultra?

Once again from the retweets of the prominent leaker Ice Universe, there seem to be another addition into the Galaxy S11 (or Galaxy S20) series of smartphone.

Currently, there are no further information about the S20 Ultra other than the allegedly much larger screen size. At this point, it’s even larger than my Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 4.

A new way to fold – Galaxy Bloom

Just like the Galaxy S10 UNPACKED event, the Galaxy Fold was the first thing to be announced during that event. It seems like Samsung is doing it again this year with the new foldable device – the Galaxy Bloom.

It was first shown by Ice Universe as the Fold 2, but eventually was confirmed to be the Galaxy Bloom. This is a completely different form factor than the original Galaxy Fold, which made me think that this is an entirely new product lineup from Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Bloom
From GSM Arena.

The Galaxy Bloom is a clamshell device, which is reportedly using an ultrathin piece of glass for the screen instead of plastic. This will be the first device with bendable glass protecting a bendable display.

How can we tune in to the grand unveiling?

On 12th February 2020 at 3am (GMT+8), Samsung will host its grand unveiling at San Francisco. Be sure to tune in at either or for the live stream.

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