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While 11th February is still a few weeks away, many of us – including me – are eager to know more about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S20 series of smartphones. We already have a post here to talk about what we know, but a lot has changed since then. Today, WinFuture posted leaked renders of the Galaxy S20 series.

With a series of renders, we can now get an idea of how big the camera bump is, and what colors are available. For the Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra, it seems like there will only be the black and grey color options.

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Galaxy S20 Ultra color render leak

The Galaxy S20, however, has a total of 3 different colors – light blue, pink, and grey. That pink seems similar to what was found in the Galaxy Note10.

Samsung Galaxy S20 color render leak

From what information we can gather here, it seems like Samsung has forgone the Bixby button entirely in favor of the Galaxy Note10 series layout of buttons. The power button and volume rocker are moved to the right side entirely. We can kind of see it coming since Samsung did remove the Bixby menu in the home screen in favor of something called “Samsung Daily”.

Secondly, the screen seems to be rather flat. It doesn’t seem like it’s curved around all 4 edges, but only the two sides. Even the sides don’t really curve that much.

Samsung Galaxy S20 front view render leak

Thirdly, it seems like there’s no earpiece? Perhaps it’s just too thin and the renders shown are in pretty low resolution. But even on the Galaxy S10 series of smartphones, there is a tiny little indentation for the earpiece – it’s just not found here.

Once again, we’ll have to wait for 11th February for the official unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series of smartphones. For us Malaysians, it’s happening on 12th February at 3am, GMT+8.

You can already register your interest on the new Galaxy S20 series of smartphones via this link and get first-hand news, by the way.

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