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Alright, let’s take a look at what happened at the most recent 9.9 sales. For some reason, e-commerce platforms thought of why not propagating the 11.11 sales to a few more months of the year? That’s how we get the 9.9 sales – and it most certainly has become a tradition now. The 9.9 2019 sales was quite fantastic because the stats we have was kinda mindblowing.

EDIT: Some clarification here. Shopee’s data is mostly regional while Lazada’s data is Malaysia-only.

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Shopee started to promotion with a bang as we have attended the Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day grand launching and we were presented with something rather interesting – Cristiano Ronaldo is the latest ambassador of Shopee and he is ready to tell us about the Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day! 👏

We also went to Shopee to do a live stream for the MiFans Global Store – which you can learn more about it here. We talked about the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro (review) in this live stream, which you can watch here. It was a fun time – and I learned about Xiaomi’s vacuum cleaners as well.

Then comes the SS-Day, the Super Shopping day. Shopee smashed its record and tripled the number of sales when compared to 2018! It had over 113 million deals on that day alone. Damn.

At its peak, there were 187,606 items sold in a minute. Wow. Shopee also shared their stats with us – which was the most popular category, brand, item, and keyword.

  • Most Popular Brands: Mr DIY, Mydin, Nestle, Vivo, Vinda, Maybelline, Carlo Rino
  • Top Categories: Home & Living, Health & Beauty, Mobile & Accessories
  • Best-selling Items: Wireless earphones, sneakers, smartphones, pressure cooker, electric oven, bedding and towels, motor vehicle oil filter, MILO
  • Hottest Keywords: Blouse, burger, Playstation 4, MILO, iPhone

Shopee 9.9 2019 infographic

Of course, we also have Lazada jumping into the bandwagon since Shopee is hyping up the day already. Though knowing Lazada’s inability to deliver an item to me past their own estimated time that they’ve provided to me, I hope these items can reach its buyers as soon as possible.

Lazada also claims that they beat last year’s 9.9 sale within just 2 hours of the day. That means when the clock hit 2am on 9.9, Lazada’s sale record for 2018 was already broken.

At its peak, Lazada had 4,600 purchases per minute and there was nearly 340% uplift of sales compared to last year. These categories got a big growth compared to last year too:

  • Home appliances >3x
  • Fashion >3x
  • Groceries  >7x
  • Mobile top-ups – >8x

Lazada 9.9 2019 infographic

Lazada was also crazy enough to ship out items before 12.30am. The first order that was confirmed at 12.01am was shipped to the customer at 8.46am on the same day. That’s insane.

One of the big success story here comes from Realme Malaysia, who became the number 1 best-selling smartphone brand for 9.9 on Lazada. The device that topped the charts was… the Realme 3 Pro (4GB RAM + 64GB storage) which was exclusively sold at Lazada for just RM699!

Realme 9.9 Lazada data

It’s no surprise that the Realme 3 Pro topped charts as we said that the phone is fantastic as its performance and features were great, yet comes with a very competitive price. Since Realme lowered the price for 9.9, I would be surprised if the Realme 3 Pro is not the best-selling smartphone.

The Realme C2 (2GB RAM + 16GB storage) was also sold at an affordable price of RM299 – which marks it the most affordable entry-level smartphone for the Lazada 9.9 sale.

But hey – it seems like Realme has a lot more fantastic deals coming your way in the near future. We’ll definitely update you on this 😉

What did you buy during the 9.9 sale?

I bought a bunch of USB-A to USB-C cables from UGREEN as they were only RM1.99 each, a metal bracket for cameras since it’s only RM9 and I can get free shipping, and also a vacuum cleaner since it’s only RM150.

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