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Xiaomi is shipping some of its products directly from China to our doorsteps in Malaysia! The relatively new MiFans Global Store (formerly known as Mi Global Store) on Shopee is Xiaomi’s official cross-border store for us Malaysians. Currently, it is exclusively on Shopee only. Since we did the Shopee Live for the MiFans Global Store for the Mi 9T and also for the Mi 9T Pro, we had the opportunity to ask some questions that many of us have.

During the live stream, we did tell everyone to ask us anything and many of you (me included) are genuinely concerned about things like warranty and whatnot. Here we have compiled a list of commonly-asked questions that we got.

MiFans Global Store

1. Is it legit?

Unsurprisingly, that is the first question we get. A fitting first question since we have covered a lot of stories (here and here) regarding scammers on online shopping platforms. But rest assured, the MiFans Global Store is legit. How can I tell? Easy – spot for the Shopee Mall banner.

MiFans Global Store

Shopee Mall has pretty much similar to what LazMall has to offer – they’re authentic stores that guarantee 100% authenticity in the products sold, hassle-free return at zero cost, and free shipping nationwide with a minimum amount spent.

2. Where is it shipped from? How long will it take?

Good question. The MiFans Global Store is from overseas, and they’re not hiding that fact either. In every single product listed on the MiFans Global Store, they have this shown at the end of all product image carousel.

MiFans Global Store

Take note of two things – cross border, and “ships from China”. So far, I bought items from them before and it took 6 days to arrive. That’s pretty quick considering it’s a cross border shop and shipped directly from China.

Obviously, the time of arrival varies from person to person – so I’m just saying that it might take up to 35 days but let’s hope it doesn’t.

3. How to claim warranty?

This is a personal question that I’ve asked as well. Surprisingly, you can claim warranty locally. Here’s how.

When you receive your package, you have an invoice inside the box alongside the item you ordered. Keep that invoice as that is your proof of purchase and that is what you need to present when claiming your warranty.

MiFans Global Store
Our purchase of the Mi 9 came with this invoice. Or waybill, as they call it.

As a word of advice, keep the box as well. That box holds your serial and IMEI numbers. Have them ready if they ever ask for it.

4. What about SIRIM/MCMC?

I’m going to say this outright – there’s no MCMC or SIRIM certifications on these devices. However, they are perfectly legit to be sold in Malaysia. While we cannot confirm the reason behind why it is perfectly fine to not have MCMC certification, it might be because of the DFTZ agreement. Otherwise, your shipments will be blocked by customs too.

MiFans Global Store
This T&C is also found in the storefront.

Though I don’t see this as a problem since the MiFans Global Store still provides Xiaomi phones with global ROM and provides warranty that can be claimed locally.

5. Are there any real benefits to buying from MiFans Global Store?

Yes, there are a few real big benefits on why buying from the MiFans Global Store is better. I personally think this store is an alternative to what we have locally, but options are great for us consumers after all.

Firstly, the catalog of products is different. Do you want to buy the Redmi AirDots (a.k.a. the Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic)? What about the Mi Handheld Vacuum Cleaner? Mi Bluetooth Neckband Earphones? All of these are only available on the MiFans Global Store.

But what about those Xiaomi smartphones? They’re available on both MiFans Global Store and in local stores too – but the deals vary a little. Sometimes, the prices differ from each other. I have noticed that locally, the Mi 9 with 6GB RAM + 128GB storage was at RM1,999 but the MiFans Global Store was at RM1,799 with the 20W fast wireless charger included.

MiFans Global Store
At that time, the Mi 9 (128GB storage) comes with the 20W fast wireless charging for free!

There were also special launch day promotions for the Mi 9T Pro when it was first launched – either RM100 discount from its original price or a free Mi Band 3. Now that’s a great deal.

EDIT: As an addition, we should also mention that the chargers have the 2-pin plugs, as shown below. Not a big deal since you can get those plastic adapters to change from the UK 3-pin plugs to this 2-pin plug.

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Fast Charger
The 2-pin plug.

Thanks to a reader for asking this specific question!

So… is it recommended to buy from MiFans Global Store?

Yes – consider it as an alternative to the local store. Sometimes, the deals are better on the MiFans Global Store but sometimes it’s better locally. And yet, the MiFans Global Store has a lot of fantastic deals and products which are not available locally.

For any cross border shipments, you do have to gamble on the shipping time. So if you need it as fast as possible, buy locally instead.

MiFans Global Store
Across countries, yet packed nicely.

As for the warranty and legitimacy, we do not have to worry as you have your proof of purchase – the invoice – and can be used to claim your warranty.

So yes, I do recommend checking out the MiFans Global Store on Shopee if you ever want to purchase something from Xiaomi. Perhaps you can get better deals there.

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