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Review – Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum Gaming Headphones

We've seen a lot of headphones around here, but the Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum right here is a full-fledged 7.1 surround sound audio headphones with extra programmable keys and also RGB lighting! Certainly is flashy, but how does it really perform? Check out this review to learn all of its secrets!

Review – SonicGear Earpump Sport 2 Earphone

It's not unusual that earphones these days just fall away from your ear as if something yanked it out, and totally destroy the music-listening experience. That's where sports-centric earphones come in. I'd personally rate them as "sport-grade" instead since they can withstand the roughest maneuvers when worn - just like how industrial-grade products can withstand the toughest conditions.

Review – SonicGear Studio 2 Headphones

I'm not gonna lie - the first feedback I got was that it looks like a negligible piece of plastic headphones trying to look nice. It even advertises itself as a pair of "deep bass headphones" too. But that's where everything else caught me by surprise. How surprising? Check out our review of the SonicGear Studio 2 to know it all!

Review – Jabra EVOLVE Headphones

Specifically, on the EVOLVE 40. Why am I doing this? Because I think Jabra focuses on very niche market segments in the audio industry and not many other even acknowledge the existence of it....

Review & Showcase – ASUS ZenPad Accessories

Ever wondered what else you can get out of your ASUS ZenPad 7.0 (Z370CG) or ZenPad 8? Look no further - the full accessories of both tablets are mentioned, showcased, and reviewed here. All you need to know in a very short amount of time!

Review – Elysium Zeon III: Best Bluetooth Speaker

I'm no stranger to consumer audio products, and definitely very familiar with Bluetooth speakers - ranging from weirdly shaped speakers that look like telephones, golf balls, grenades, and even sound bars. Now, I have this Zeon III sitting here. How does it perform though?

Review – ASUS ZenFone 2 Earphones

At this point of time, I'm pretty sure most of you have already seen the ZenFone 2 (which we also reviewed here) - and we're not done with it.. When we opened the package, we saw one special thing that was included - the earphones. That pair of earphones is the closest to the unreleased ZenEar, which currently can only be acquired through bundling of the ZE551ML version with 4GB RAM and 32GB or 64GB of storage.
Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter

Review – Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter

There aren't many simple solutions if not none to convert speakers into wireless streaming devices. These devices are targeting an extremely niche market - those who want to stream music to their existing speaker. Logitech heard what we want, and we now have the Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter in the house to do just that job.

Review – SonicGear Quatro 2

We've seen small multimedia speakers for laptop users who want a more compared to their built-in laptop speakers - and we know most laptop speakers are horrifying to the ears. Understanding that, SonicGear made a speaker - the Quatro 2 - a multimedia 2.0 speaker.

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