Edifier TWS 2

Review – Edifier TWS 2: True Budget Wireless Earphones

We here at Nasi Lemak Tech have tried quite a number of wireless earphones throughout our years and to no one's surprise, these true wireless earphones are pretty expensive. Then comes the brand new Edifier TWS 2 that just dropped in our labs about 2 weeks ago. It is priced at only RM241.53 right now at their Lazada store.
Edifier XM3BT

Review – Edifier XM3BT Speaker

I personally like to use 2.1 speakers more than anything else. I've personally been a fan of these speakers because I just don't want to wear anything on my head. Though, the category of 2.1 speakers is diminishing in and that is why we want to highlight the Edifier XM3BT today. It is actually the successor of the XM6BT that we reviewed about 2 years ago.
Edifier W820BT

Review – Edifier W820BT Wireless Headset

A while ago, we reviewed the Edifier W800BT - a very lightweight yet portable wireless headset with some decent sound quality. After that, Edifier went back to the drawing board to improve that wildly hot-selling headset and came out with the new Edifier W820BT wireless headset.
Edifier W860NB

Review – Edifier W860NB Wireless Headset With ANC

Edifier has been on a roll these few months as they're releasing audio products that are catered towards what the market wants - wireless audio. Not only that, Edifier is also bringing premium features more accessible. In the case of the new Edifier W860NB, they brought ANC - or active noise canceling - to this W860NB that is priced at an arguably affordable RM499 price tag.
Edifier W288BT

Review – Edifier W288BT Wireless Earphone

We've been seeing a lot of wireless earphones over the months here at Nasi Lemak Tech. Ever since the release of the Apple Airpods and the removal of 3.5mm audio jack, the makers of earphones and headphones knew that wireless is the future. Edifier knew that, and created the new W288BT. It's a wireless earphone that's really affordable - but is it any good?
Sudio Niva

Review + Discount Code – Sudio Niva Wireless Earphone

I have with me here is Sudio's latest earphone - the Sudio Niva. This is the first ever pair of wireless earbuds from Sudio a la the Apple AirPods and Samsung IconX. It's quite an uncharted territory as there aren't many wireless earbuds available in the market today. It's still a very product subcategory in the earphones genre.
Edifier R1580MB

Review – Edifier R1580MB 2.0 Speaker

Edifier is back again with another speaker. This time it's a 2.0 speaker - the one particular type of speaker that isn't particularly sought among the mass market of consumers. We've looked at the R1700BT a while back, and now it's the R1580MB's turn.
HyperX Cloud Alpha

Review – HyperX Cloud Alpha: Jack-of-All-Trades Gaming Headset

If you looked for gaming headsets for the past few years, you most definitely come across one brand - HyperX. They're well-known for the Cloud series of gaming headsets, and there are actually a total of 4 main branches of in the Cloud family. The one we have here today is the HyperX Cloud Alpha.
Edifier W830BT

Review – Edifier W830BT Wireless Headset

It's been quite some time since we last take a look at a wireless headphone from Edifier. Remember the W800BT? Introducing the Edifier W830BT. It's all grown up, and it's looking more matured and glamorous than before. But ultimately, how does it sound?

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