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The HONOR 20 Pro was just released not too long ago and had its local roadshow at Sunway Pyramid just last week. This is a special smartphone as it is indeed a flagship smartphone but with a total of quadruple usable cameras. It also packs a few more features that are meant to enhance your gaming experience.

Of course, if you want to learn more about the HONOR 20 Pro, click here to read our full review.

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Review – HONOR 20 Pro: Quadruple usable cameras

The first gaming enhancement that it has here is the graphene cooling solution. It’s definitely not easy to grasp the idea of graphene being present in smartphones, but let’s just take it as face value. Graphene – or just 2D graphite – is a great thermal conductor. Being incorporated in smartphones as a cooling conductor means that it can transfer heat from one end to another extremely quickly. That is useful for maintaining high-performance gaming by pulling heat away from the chipset and dumping it all in the heatsinks. Though, the lack of a fan on smartphones affects its feasibility.

HONOR 20 Pro

The HONOR 20 Pro also has virtual 9.1 surround sound which is made for better audio immersion in games. Combined with its 4,000mAh battery, you can really immerse yourself into the game for hours upon hours.

And that large 6.26-inch display with a single circular cutout at the corner, you can really get a great gaming experience out of it.

HONOR 20 Pro

Have you gotten yourself a brand new HONOR 20 Pro yet? You can experience the fast charging and also the night mode that is built into the phone itself. Also, have you tried the 48MP AI Ultra Clarity mode yet? That is one of the best feature when we first tried it out on the HONOR View20 while we’re in Paris.

Paris with HONOR View20 – Does it spark joy?

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