Huawei P10

[UPDATED] The Huawei P10 Performance Lottery; Get Different Chips & Get Different Speeds

I think the best way to start this off is the seriousness of this issue, but a little more context is needed. This is the Huawei P10 and the P10 Plus's situation now - it uses two different types of RAM and a total of 3 different types of storage technologies. Here's why it matters.
Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro

Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro L & MasterKeys Pro M Announced

Cooler Master has been making great keyboards these few months, and they aren't stopping there. Now, they're back with the announcement of two new keyboards - the MasterKeys Pro L and the MasterKeys Pro M.
BLU Smartphone

BLU Smartphone Debut in Malaysia; Brings 10 Models

Today is an insane day - as BLU smartphone are now officially in Malaysia! BLU smartphone is a brand that I've personally heard quite a few times in the past, and I've heard good things about them too. I'm glad that they're still kicking strong!
Armaggeddon MKA-3C Psychfalcon

Review – Armaggeddon MKA-3C Psychfalcon

Mechanical keyboards are really getting into the mainstream these few recent months, and day by day, it's getting more and more crowded. The Armaggeddon MKA-3C Psychfalcon is one of them. It's a budget mechanical keyboard, and here's what we think about it.
Apacer ARMOR AS681 SSD

Apacer ARMOR AS681 SATA III SSD Introduced; Brings Extreme Reliability

So here's the deal - to anyone looking to upgrade your laptop or desktop, get an SSD. There's no argument in that, and you'll realize the drastic difference right away. However, with the market flooded with SSDs now, which is the one you should buy? That's why the Apacer ARMOR AS681 SSD is introduced.
Honor 8 Sakura Pink

Honor 8 Sakura Pink Now Available In Limited Quantities!

I absolutely love the Honor 8. I've covered many news regarding the Honor 8 and reviewed it, and even using one as my daily driver right now. That phone is beautiful with its current colour options - but why not bring the limited edition Honor 8 Sakura Pink into the Malaysian market too?

Logitech MK235 keyboard-mouse combo is extremely versatile

I have to admit - I love wireless keyboard and mouse sets - and personally using one myself, the Microsoft Wireless Desktop 3000. I've been using it for years already too, and yet it held up. There's one caveat though - it's dirty as heck.
WD Black

Review – WD Black Series (2TB 3.5″ HDD): Unprecedented HDD Performance

By now, most of you have already known that hard disks are notoriously slow compared to SSDs. We're no strangers to those sluggish speeds either, as SSDs are really pricey. No matter how affordable SSDs are these days though, the price/gigabyte can never match what a hard disk can offer. Maybe there exists a compromise between all of these factors. That's where WD Black comes in.
Samsung Galaxy S8

COMPARISON – Huawei P10/P10 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+

It's the battle of the flagships between the two giants from Asia - Huawei's latest P10 and P10 Plus with Samsung's highly-anticipated Galaxy S8 and S8+! Here's a comparison on what we currently know, and what you should know.