ASUS ROG Zephyrus S GX502
Samsung Galaxy A80

Review – Samsung Galaxy A80: Over-engineered smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy A80 takes home a lot of "world's first". The reason why is best described by Samsung's ability to literally over-engineer the smartphone - particularly the camera mechanism.
Dell Precision 3540

Review – Dell Precision 3540

When this laptop arrived at our labs, we wondered one thing - it's a Dell Precision 3540. Under Dell's Precision lineup of laptops, it's all about doing heavy work like 3D graphics and video editing. We have to reevaluate and come up with a new testing method since all of its hardware is not meant for consumers.
j5create JVA04 capture card

Review – j5create JVA04: 4K passthrough with 1080p capturing

Last week, we reviewed and explained everything there is to know about the j5create JVA02. We mentioned that there is another beefier version, the j5create JVA04. This is the capture card for those who are sensitive to even the smallest of delays - especially in competitive games.
Samsung Q900R 8K QLED TV 82-inches

Samsung Q900R: 82-inches of TV in 8K is beyond words

Since the race of highest resolution display was set in motion, we've been seeing higher and higher resolution displays popping out everywhere. Samsung has released its new Q900R series of TVs. This series of TV has a total of 7680x4320 in resolution, or 8K.
Xiaomi Yeelight

Review – Xiaomi Mi LED Smart Bulb (aka Yeelight)

Today, we have with us a product that was on our radar for quite a long time. It's a product that goes by the name of Yeelight, but is officially known as the Mi LED Smart Bulb in Malaysia. Not sure why there is a name difference, but here's the gist of it.
j5create JVA02

Review – j5create JVA02: USB 3.0 capture card at unbelievable price

Over the years, we've been very eager to try out some capture cards here at our lab. Since our visit to j5create's booth at Computex 2019, we were in awe to see that they have some interesting products in the market already. One product that stood out to me is their capture card, the j5create JVA02. This is an external capture card that captures up to 1080p resolution at 60fps.
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Review – Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

When the Samsung Galaxy S10 series was announced back in March, Samsung also announced a slew of accessories. One of it is the new Galaxy Watch Active - a variant of the Galaxy Watch that I would consider as "budget" but still packs with the core essentials.
Samsung Galaxy Buds

Review – Samsung Galaxy Buds: Tune it however you want

Honestly speaking, we have reviewed quite a number of true wireless earbuds here at Nasi Lemak Tech. We're no connoisseurs, but we're seasoned, to say the least. When the Galaxy Buds was first announced during the keynote for the global launching of the Galaxy S10 series, we were shocked to see the relatively affordable price RM499. Compared to the previous IconX, thisĀ is affordable.
Redmi AirDots

Review & Tutorial – Redmi AirDots: Best budget TWS? (a.k.a. Mi True Wireless Earbuds...

Over the past few years, we've seen many manufacturers heading towards the wireless era. Today, we have the Redmi AirDots with us here and with it comes a low price tag - which essentially...

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