Redmi Note 8 Pro

Review – Redmi Note 8 Pro

Earlier this year, we have the Redmi Note 7. About a month ago, we have the Redmi note 8 Pro. Xiaomi Malaysia is really bringing in smartphones as fast as possible after its initial launch in China, as a thank you gift for the support that they're been getting. With such a short time gap between generations of phones, what new features or hardware does the Redmi Note 8 Pro bring to the table?
realme Buds Wireless

Review – realme Buds Wireless

realme is really branching out from solely being a smartphone company. First stepping into the realm of fashion, now realme is going into accessories. For those who have been keeping an eye out on realme Malaysia's Facebook page, you might have heard of the realme Buds Wireless - particularly the Alan Walker edition.
Samsung Galaxy A50s

Review – Samsung Galaxy A50s

Making its way into our list of smartphones to review is the latest Samsung Galaxy A50s. It was launched a little more than a month ago and this smartphone is certainly an interesting one. Being marketed as a mid-range smartphone with Samsung's features, the new Samsung Galaxy A50s is a little on the high side in terms of price - but that is because it also comes with Samsung's ecosystems. Partially, at least.
Samsung Galaxy Fold

Review – Samsung Galaxy Fold: An out-of-this-world experience

The Samsung Galaxy Fold. This is a device that was announced earlier this year before the announcement of the Galaxy S10 series of smartphones. Months passed and eventually, the Galaxy Fold was available for purchase....

Review – Edifier GM3 Bluetooth Gaming Earphones

Mobile gaming has been on the rise and the removal of 3.5mm audio jack from smartphones means that wireless gaming audio is something we will be seeing more and more in the coming future....
GuliKit Route+ Pro

Truly low-latency wireless audio! Feat. GuliKit Route+ Pro

This is episode two of our saga. When we first ventured into the quest to find the true wireless audio for gaming with low-latency, we clarified that we did not have the tools to test out aptX Low Latency, or aptX LL for short. We also mentioned that "low-latency" does not mean "no latency" and we stand by that statement.

Review – Edifier W295BT Plus

As major phone brands scramble to drop 3.5mm audio jack from their latest phones, that also means Bluetooth audio has to step up to cover different genres and uses of headphones. Today we will...
ASUS ROG Phone 2

Review – ASUS ROG Phone 2

It's been a year since the original announcement of the ASUS ROG Phone, and now we have its sequel that is aptly named the ASUS ROG Phone 2. What are the new changes that...
realme 5 vs Samsung Galaxy A30s

realme 5 vs Samsung Galaxy A30s: Completely different phones

Recently, we just published the review of the realme 5. That smartphone is a really affordable smartphone. Within these past few months, we also have the Samsung Galaxy A30s entering the market. We believe that...

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