Samsung Galaxy M20

Review – Samsung Galaxy M20: Best battery life ever

When Samsung made the announcement that they are entering the mid-range market with a slew of smartphones and with new phones coming to the market every month, we were excited to see what Samsung is able to bring to the market. And here we have the Samsung Galaxy M20 from the new M-series of mid-range smartphones.
Edifier GM3SE

Review – Edifier GM3SE: Perfect gaming earset for RM149

At this point of time, we can see that smartphones that are priced under RM1,000 are very capable of running games like PUBG Mobile - a game that requires communication to ensure a win. And also to have a good time with your friends and talk about life while enjoying the game.
Realme 3

Review – Realme 3: Fantastic budget phone

Let's take a minute to look at Realme's first ever debut last year. They made their first debut in Malaysia on November 7th 2018, and the Realme 2 alongside the launch. Now, the Realme 3 is officially here in Malaysia and quite a lot of upgrades were done. Not only in terms of hardware, but software as well.
Philips Hue Starter Kit review

Review – Philips Hue Starter Kit: Using from a creative studio’s perspective

When Philips announced their Hue RGB light bulbs few years ago, I was intrigued by how it works but was taken aback by its novelty. A few years passed and Philips Hue made improvements to the entire ecosystem - the hardware and especially the app. Then we have a Philips Hue Starter Kit landed on our studio a few weeks ago. So, we took it for a spin.
Edifier TWS 2

Review – Edifier TWS 2: True Budget Wireless Earphones

We here at Nasi Lemak Tech have tried quite a number of wireless earphones throughout our years and to no one's surprise, these true wireless earphones are pretty expensive. Then comes the brand new Edifier TWS 2 that just dropped in our labs about 2 weeks ago. It is priced at only RM241.53 right now at their Lazada store.
ASUS ROG RAPTURE GT-AX11000 with Samsung Galaxy S10+ header

WiFi 6 Speed Test – How fast is it?

WiFi has been our day-to-day means of getting the internet on our smartphones and laptops for years. While we are all aware that WiFi is not the best when it comes to large data transfers, the latest generation of WiFi that is aptly named as WiFi 6, or 802.11ax, is here to spice things up again.
Samsung Galaxy S10+

Review – Samsung Galaxy S10+

Just a little shy of two weeks ago, we witnessed the global launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 series of smartphones, their 10th iteration of flagship smartphones. Then we got our hands on Samsung Galaxy S10+ and we are now bringing you our full in-depth review of this majestic phone.
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

Review – Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

When the concept of a slider phone first came out late last year, we have been seeing quite a few of them appearing in the market. One of it is the Mi Mix 3 - where many people calls it as the slider smartphone. How well does the Mi Mix 3 hold up in everyday, day-to-day use? Check out here in this review.
Transcend 300S MicroSD card (TS128GUSD300S-A)

Review – Transcend 300S MicroSD (TS128GUSD300S-A) 128GB

While microSD cards are still dominating the market, the amount of choice can be quite jarring. Today, we have a special little microSD card in the labs - and that is the from the Transcend 300S series of microSD cards.