AH13A & AH15A

Apacer AH13A & AH15A USB Drives Have A “Snap Hook”

Whenever I ever went to any of the gadget stores recently, I see lots of USB drives. Most of them have this generic design they're trying to achieve - either being extremely tiny as an "expandable storage" for laptops, or one that has OTG capabilities for easy data transfer. Apacer wants to bring more than just convenience with the AH13A and AH15A - and here's what they've got.

EXMobile Volte Smartphone & EX Watch

A Malaysian mobile company has released their new line of product recently. Trying to penetrate the market in Malaysia, they released a phone and a smartwatch; Volte series and EX Watch. EXMobile has been...
Threadripper header

AMD Threadripper & Ryzen 3 Launch Dates Announced; Demos Performance

In a little video that was just uploaded a little over an hour ago is where Lisa Su, the CEO of AMD, talks about the upcoming Threadripper and Ryzen 3. Lisa talks about the launch dates, performance, and demos the performance of these chips too.
Transcend SSD230

Transcend SSD230 With 3D NAND Flash Launched

Transcend is one of the leading manufacturers of storage media - especially when it comes to SSDs. Recently, the Transcend just announced their brand new SSD230, and it is built with 3D NAND flash.
Xiaomi Pocophone F1

Review – Pocophone F1: The True Flagship Killer

In the most recent development in the Android smartphone of things, we have a new brand called Pocophone. It's by Xiaomi, and they're not hiding it. The box even states that it's Pocophone by Xiaomi. Piggybacking Xiaomi's fame and reputation, the Pocophone shook the world of smartphones by announcing the Pocophone F1 - the true flagship killer.

Samsung brings the BIG Galaxy A9 Pro

There are many people who like a humongous phablet as a daily driver. I totally understand - because I myself would like a 6-inch device for my own too. Enter the Galaxy A9 Pro.

OnePlus 3 is now available in Malaysia

Yes, you saw that right. It's about time for the OnePlus 3 to get into the market.
Samsung The Frame

Samsung “The Frame” – Thinnest TV Ever; Starts From RM9,999

Ever wondered what's the next technological advancement after CRTs have evolved into current flat screen OLED displays? Samsung has an idea - why not make them so thin and sleek, that it's like a picture frame? Introducing, Samsung's "The Frame".
Elysium Iron Mini

Review – Elysium Iron Mini: Feisty Little One

We've tried and tested many Bluetooth speakers over the years - but there's one that particular brand that stood out. We only reviewed one of their products before, and they've gone missing - and that is Elysium's Zeon III. After a hiatus for more than 2 years - Elysium returns with their brand new Bluetooth speaker - the Elysium Iron Mini. It has a retro look to it - but does it sound good, though?