ASUS ROG Zephyrus S GX502
Huawei P10

Huawei’s Wide Aperture Mode – How And Why You Should Use It

When was the last time you took a picture and said: "awww, that's such a nice shot but it was not in focus"? I'm pretty sure most of us have dealt with a similar situation - and Huawei's dual camera system is going to fix that with their Wide Aperture mode.
Lenovo Yoga Book & Phab 2

Lenovo Yoga Book & Phab 2 Launched

Last week, Lenovo launched two of their most innovative product to date - the Lenovo Yoga Book, and the Lenovo Phab 2. The Yoga Book is the first ever 2-in-1 device with an arguably much more innovative keyboard than what Apple's latest MacBook Pro has to offer, and Phab 2 Plus is the world's first ever Tango smartphone in the market.

Pebble Classic (and Steel) get new updates!

The long await is finally here. Pebble has new updates for their devices. The original Pebble which also known as Pebble Classic as well as Pebble Steel will now get their new Timeline UI, version 3.8.

Review – Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Is It More METAL?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is upon us. Yes, we delayed for quite a while for this review, but now it's here. All new Galaxy Note 4 in its brave "pen is mightier than the sword" glory. Surely many of us have toyed around with the Galaxy Note 4 at Samsung stores by this point, but there are many things that you didn't know about the Galaxy Note 4.
Orico MH4PU USB 3.0 Clip

Review – Orico MH4PU USB 3.0 Clip Hub

We've seen quite a lot of novelty products over the years and one of the most handy product we have seen is the Orico MH4PU. By looking at the specs, it is nothing more than a 4-port USB 3.0 hub. However, the product's specialty is the versatility on how you can mount the hub itself.

Review – POK3R mechanical keyboard: Many things in small volume

Let's begin with what a standard keyboard size used to be. Assuming that the keyboards have a standard layout, the keyboard that supports all of Windows's keys will have a 104 keys. Nowadays there's something called a tenkeyless keyboard, also known as TKL or 80% keyboard, which doesn't include the number pad. That cuts down from 104 keys to 87 keys actually. Finally, the most extreme footprint cutdown is by shaving off all the number pad, arrow keys, and navigation keys, and the Fx keys at the top, making it a 60% keyboard. That brings us to the POK3R, or Poker III - the latest iteration of Vortex Gear's Poker series of 60% mechanical keyboards.
Apacer AC730

Apacer AC730 eHDD Announced; Military-Grade Ruggedness

To be honest, external hard disks are fragile They have delicate little moving parts in them, and the main purpose of an eHDD is portability. That means these delicate little hard disks are going to bump into random stuff are random angles, and in random amounts of force. We've seen rugged external hard disks before, but the Apacer AC730 is certainly the most complete when it comes to military-grade ruggedness.
Honor 9 Lite

Review – Honor 9 Lite

On the 6th of March 2018, Honor held an event to officiate the Honor 9 Lite in the Malaysian market. It was quite a different approach compared to other brands that we've seen as Honor partners with fashion brands. However, we're here to solely focus on the Honor 9 Lite itself.
Edifier G4

Edifier G4, G20, & G10 Gaming Headphones Announced; Starts From RM99

When it comes to gaming headphones, you do need to fine tune it a little to get that sweet bassy frequency response with emphasis on the vocals too. Here's where the new Edifier G4, G20, and G10 comes into play - literally.

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