Smart City Summit & Expo 2019
Cooler Master MWE

Cooler Master MWE Series PSU Announced, Starts From RM169

Power supplies aren't something that will get refreshed and renewed often, since if it works then we pretty much won't bother much - unless aesthetics come into play. The Cooler Master MWE series of power supplies are created to cater for those who need low-priced power supplies to get the job done, but with uncompromised performance and efficiency.
OPPO F1s Ayda Jebat

OPPO F1s Ayda Jebat Edition Now Official

This December, OPPO brings the brand new OPPO F1s Ayda Jebat edition to us all. This time around, it's not just the smartphone - you get a lot more exclusives as well.

Jaben Is Having A Demo Clearance Sale!

Jaben is a little headphone store that was first opened at Subang SS15, and eventually expanded to Nu Sentral too. Personally, I love going to their store. Each time I went there, they would ask me to test high-end audio devices ranging from amplifiers to headphones and earphones - sometimes even custom earbuds. Jaben carries products from brands ranging from Audio-Technica, Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser, JVC, Sony, Jaybirds, Bose, and Shure.
CES2017 Dell

CES2017: Dell PCs Engage With The Senses Through Sight And Sound

The year of 4K was so 2016, am I right? At least - that's what Dell in CES2017 tells me. Their innovation is super crazy recently. Dell recently announced the 5K monitor, and now they're back with the 8K monitor. That's just a mind-blowing amount of pixels!

Review – Armaggeddon Pulse 5 Headphones

Headphones - they generally look a lot more huge, but performs better in most cases, given the same price range of course. Armaggeddon sent me their Pulse 5 headphones, a gaming-oriented pair of headphones where they also emphasize on the bass response.

Review – Acer One 10

These sort of convertibles aren’t exactly new, and the prices of such products are really getting low these days. However the market for such niche products are pretty scarce (I’m a fan of such products) yet most of it have compromises that I personally don’t want to make at all.

Flash 2 UI – Gone With the Era of Thorough Customization

Persisting on simplicity and purity, Nexus and Flash fully embrace the stock Android
Huawei P20

Review – Huawei P20: Major Improvements From Before

Here comes the major flagship smartphone from Huawei - the P20. It was launched at Paris at the end of March, and was launched in Malaysian market about a week after that. And a few days after, we actually got a hold of the brand new Huawei P20.

Review – Pioneer USB-C PD Dock (APS-DKPD01): Thunderbolt 3’s Best Friend

Last month, we saw that Pioneer - yes - the car audio brand, is venturing into PC components. They have 2.5-inch and M.2 SSDs. A month later, they announced their slew of USB-C devices. Ranging from dongles and external SSDs, one of the device announced was the Pioneer USB-C PD Dock codenamed APS-DKPD001.