Smart City Summit & Expo 2019

ASUS Announces VivoStick PC

As days go by, PCs get smaller and smaller. Portability and power is an increasingly important factor for today's workforce, and that's where PCs like the VivoStick comes in.

Pascal-based Laptops Incoming

Here's the most recent announcement for laptops. GTX 10-series of GPUs are coming to laptops. Yes - you heard that right. Pascal GPUs on a laptop. They have arrived officially for two days now actually.

Get The Huawei’s Matebook Now

Let's start with the design. It's a real thin one. I think it'll give Microsoft a run for their money with their Surface line of devices. Have a look at the entire device here.

Xiaomi announced their new #MiNotebookAir

As we all know Xiaomi is slowly trying diverge their target market rather than just focusing on smartphones. In the recent news, they started to do more than a smartphones. They have introduces other smart devices such as SmartTV as well as smart home devices. Not only that they also have their own gaming pad as we reviewed before. Today, they finally entering a new segment with their new Mi Notebook Air.

Review – ASUS UX501: The Brand New N-Series

Ever remember the ASUS N-series of laptops? They're now a premium series of laptops from ASUS. It's rebranded to be under the ZenBook series now too. They did have a lot of revamps done in terms of the specs, but not much on the physical design. Let's take a look.

Review – Lenovo Yoga 900: Beautifully thin

We've seen ultrabooks in the past. We've also reviewed many of them before too - but none of them are as impressive as the Yoga 900. This is a really thin device with a really amazing hardware. Lenovo took a really daring design challenge to a different material throughout the entire device too.

Review – ASUS ROG G752: Absolute Power, zero compromise

Look at ASUS's brand new G752. It's a brand new gaming laptop from ASUS ROG. Personally, I absolutely love the design and how the whole system was thought out and laid out. Here's out entire detailed take on the ASUS ROG G752.

ASUS announces UX360CA, the first ever ZenBook Flip

Back at Computex 2016, ASUS announced something that surprised many of us - the brand new ZenBook 3. Here's another option for those who want more than just a slick and slim ultrabook - the ZenBook Flip.

ASUS brings first STRIX laptop, the GL502VT

Ever wondered what other crazy things can be done by ASUS on their RoG line of laptops since the release of the world's first liquid-cooled laptop? Personally speaking, I don't know - but ASUS does. Introducing the first ever gaming laptop in the Strix series, the GL502VT.