Raze Blade Pro

New Razer Blade Pro Announced – Laptop with Desktop Specs

The brand new Razer Blade Pro has some top of the line specs for a laptop. It's just insane. It packs in the greatest specs and peripherals for a desktop, and cramp into a 17.3-inch laptop.

Alienware Marks 20 Years of Continued Innovation with All New Gaming Notebooks

Dell Malaysia just launched their new range of Alienware range, featuring the new NVIDIA graphic cards. Celebrating Alienware’s 20 years as a leading pioneer in high performance PC gaming system, the new range of Alienware devices come with all new gaming notebooks capable of powering VR out of the box. The new line of notebooks boasts the NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 10-series family of GPUs.

Why And How Your 3,000mAh Battery Can Last Longer

Battery life. For us all in the current generation of mobility, battery life is one of the most crucial factor in deciding a purchase. Want a larger battery? Be prepared to make some trade-offs. However, this issue might be diminished, thanks to modern technology.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10-Series for Notebooks Launched

First and foremost - we know that there are GTX 10-series notebooks launched launched a while ago. However, NVIDIA is doing that officially now, and it happened recently in Singapore alongside with their close partner. That includes Acer, Aftershock, Gigabyte, MSI, and ASUS ROG. Also, these GTX 10-series notebooks will be on display in conjunction with Singapore's COMEX 2016 IT Show Exhibition @ Suntec Singapore this from today till 11th September 2016.

ASUS Announces VivoStick PC

As days go by, PCs get smaller and smaller. Portability and power is an increasingly important factor for today's workforce, and that's where PCs like the VivoStick comes in.

Pascal-based Laptops Incoming

Here's the most recent announcement for laptops. GTX 10-series of GPUs are coming to laptops. Yes - you heard that right. Pascal GPUs on a laptop. They have arrived officially for two days now actually.

Get The Huawei’s Matebook Now

Let's start with the design. It's a real thin one. I think it'll give Microsoft a run for their money with their Surface line of devices. Have a look at the entire device here.

Xiaomi announced their new #MiNotebookAir

As we all know Xiaomi is slowly trying diverge their target market rather than just focusing on smartphones. In the recent news, they started to do more than a smartphones. They have introduces other smart devices such as SmartTV as well as smart home devices. Not only that they also have their own gaming pad as we reviewed before. Today, they finally entering a new segment with their new Mi Notebook Air.

Review – ASUS UX501: The Brand New N-Series

Ever remember the ASUS N-series of laptops? They're now a premium series of laptops from ASUS. It's rebranded to be under the ZenBook series now too. They did have a lot of revamps done in terms of the specs, but not much on the physical design. Let's take a look.