ASUS ROG Zephyrus S GX502

Smartphone 101 – Secure Your Smartphone

We've seen many types of security problems in the past, and we're pretty familiar with what's going on within the scene. I've personally seen way too many problems caused by carelessness and lack of attention given to what's going to happen. Some of the problem is caused by pure ignorance. Here are some tips to secure your smartphone on the internet. It's pretty much the same story when it comes to your Macs or PCs too.

[UPDATED] The Dark Side of Denuvo, Uprising of Kinguin & G2A

I was scouring the depths of Reddit the other day, and one specific post piqued my interest. The dark side of Denuvo is real. Look at it through his perspective, and it tells a completely different story. There's actually two parts to this story, and we'll go through each of them in detail.

ASUS Announces ROG Masters 2016 Tournament For CSGO And Dota 2

A while ago, ASUS ROG had a championship competition for League of Legends recently? ASUS isn't just going to stop there - they're coming back with two games this time. ASUS is upping the ante compared to the previous tournament too.

Kaspersky: Cyberbullying Causes Depression, Nightmare, Anoxeria

First of all, these claims are a little far-fetched to be honest. However, Kaspersky reassured us that they are facts backed by scientific study. The results of what cyberbullying does to the society is published by Growing Up Online - Connected Kids.

Why we should use Wikipedia as credible source

In universities, we’ve always been told that academicians will never accept any sort of citations or information quoted from Wikipedia. The main reason – as far as I’ve been told – is because they’re entirely crowdsourced, and not by “experts”. Sure, not everyone is an expert by profession. Consider this though – there are many non-certified people who are better than most of us when it comes to the subject at hand.

How to block Windows 10 installation

It's been nearly a year since Microsoft first started to push out their "free" upgrades for Windows 10 to all Windows 7 and 8/8.1 users. Everything was fine and dandy when the upgrade was a choice, until Microsoft decided to change it to be a "security update". Later on, it became a forced update that Microsoft starts shoving up everyone's throat - but you can spew it out within the first 30 days, and we've even covered it here.

iflix celebrates 1st birthday by rewarding ALL OF YOU!!!

iflix - Malaysia's strongest online internet TV service - is already a year old! They sure had an interesting journey that led up till today, and iflix is definitely happy with everyone's support that brought them to where they are today.

5 things to know about FFX|X2 HD remaster

Alright - first off, the entire series is has aged since its first debut on the Sony PS2. Then again, age is just a number in this case, as the HD remaster of the brilliance of FFX is just too much to describe. Here are the 5 main things that you should know about FFX HD remaster.

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