Arm Dev Summit 2021

Do you really need a laptop cooler? Feat. a random cooler from China

There comes a time when we’re all desperate to get some sort of cooler for our laptops, and I admit, I was one of them. A few years has passed since then, and machines...

Here’s why you should clean a laptop inside out

Got a new laptop. Great - if you're lucky, the laptop survives for years to come, maybe 2 years or more. Here's the real kicker though, as the laptop ages, we get the illusion the machine slowing down. Assuming that there are no hardware failures at all, that's not caused by age!! It's actually is due to two main things - super-bloated operating system, or the system is thermal throttled due to dust clogging up. Here's how to fix your problems!

Get free 2GB Google Drive storage in conjunction of Safer Internet Day!

Google is giving free 2GB Drive storage if you do the account security checkup.

Pebble Classic (and Steel) get new updates!

The long await is finally here. Pebble has new updates for their devices. The original Pebble which also known as Pebble Classic as well as Pebble Steel will now get their new Timeline UI, version 3.8.

Here’s how to unlock ZenFone 2’s bootloader

It's a while back since ASUS released the official bootloader unlock tool, and I managed to download it and give it a try, after all I do like to unlock ZenFone 2 to its...

How To and Photo Sample: ASUS LolliFlash

We took a look at the ASUS LolliFlash a little while back in Jakarta, and we reviewed it a couple of weeks ago. Now, LolliFlash is upon us and what better time it is...

How to revert back to Windows 8.1 from Windows 10

We've all been upgraded to Windows 10, most of us are already using it for some time now and let's face it - not everyone is satisfied. However, Microsoft is kind enough to instead ask you...

Windows 10 Technical Preview is gone

"Tick, tock, tick, tock", as the clock works its arms around, slowly completing one revolution. July 29th approaches real soon - in fact, just 10 days! But oh well, let's just try out the Technical Preview...

Top 5 tech misconceptions

We've dealt with a huge amount of smartphones over the years, and I've personally seen a heard and read about a lot of misconceptions, and we're here to address some of them, and even...

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