Smart City Summit & Expo 2019
Razer Power Bank

Razer Power Bank Is The One-Size-Fits-All Solution For Laptops and Phones

Power banks. They're abundantly available in the market these days. I'm not joking - nearly everyone has one, and I personally have quite a number of them. However, none of them are created equal, and most of them have features traded off. Well, not anymore with the Razer Power Bank. Don't let its generic name trick you, though.
Davao City Central 911 Transcend

Transcend Helps Davao City Central 911 with Dashcams and Body Cameras

This is not something that we get to see every day. We've talked about Transcend dashcams quite a lot of times here at Nasi Lemak Tech (e.g. here and here). While they're not yet a necessity in many countries and to many people, they're a cool piece of handy tech. However, Davao City Central 911 in the Philippines started using dashcams and body cams by Transcend to help improve their safety and efficiency. Here's how.
Gift of Storage with Transcend This Valentine's Day

Give The Gift of Storage with Transcend This Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is coming soon - and for all I know, people are taking pictures as if it costs nothing. Financially, it doesn't cost anything other than the initial cost of your smartphone, obviously. However, in terms of technicality, you do have to pay the price of your storage space. That 32GB or 64GB isn't going to last for long. And that's where Transcend wants to step in and help you out with the gift of storage with Transcend this Valentine's Day.
Find My AirPods

Apple Realizes Their Mistake; Adds “Find My AirPods” Function

Most of the time, I won't even report about anything regarding the Apple ecosystem unless it's full of crap. This time around, it's a total first world problem. Remember those brand new Apple AirPods that was announced alongside the Apple iPhone 7/Plus a few months ago? Yeah, that pair of wireless earphones that they shoved down all users of the jackless iPhone 7/Plus.
StoreJet 25MC

Transcend Offers New Storage Solutions For This Chinese New Year

We all know Chinese New Year is around the corner. Bits and bites (yes, it's food time every day) will be sent all around - be it pictures of gatherings, food, music, or movies. Transcend wants you to store all of your data around to share with your friends and family - like a portable repository.
Sudio Vasa Bla

Review – Sudio Vasa Bla: Beautifully Colored Wireless Earphones

Like what we've been saying for quite a while now - wireless audio is the future. It's coming, whether you like it or not, and audio companies know it. Sudio knows it too, that's why the Sudio Vasa Bla is made. How does it perform in our hectic day-to-day operations? That's the purpose of this review!
Transcend 25C3

[UPDATED] Transcend launches StoreJet 25C3 Aluminium Alloy eHDD

Remember the StoreJet 25H3 that we reviewed here? That external hard disk was encased in a soft and rubbery material, and it's not the most pleasant to those who seek for aesthetics. Introducing the Storejet 25C3 - an aluminium alloy enclosed external hard disk.
Edifier XM6BT

Review – Edifier XM6BT Speakers: Great Budget Speakers!

There comes a time where desktop speakers are on everyone's computer desks. That was an absolute necessity during those years - but things have changed since then. Edifier, a renowned brand for great speakers, came up with the Edifier XM6BT - a speaker that aesthetically reminisce the old days, but packed with modern needs and features.

LG OLED B6 & LG 600L Mega Capacity Side-by-Side Refrigerator Announced

LG is welcoming 2017 with two of their brand new innovations - the LG OLED B6 and the LG 600L Mega Capacity Side-by-side refrigerator! Let's talk about both of these innovations separately.