[Review] GoVibe Rivo

Portable amplifier with a screen!

[Review] Xiaomi Mi Band

This is the Xiaomi Mi Band. The first of its kind to have such a low price, and definitely the best of its class.

[Review] Hippo CriCri Plus

Or plainly called the CriCri+ on the box. Amplifiers are essential if sound clarity is something to be desired, but most amps have unnecessary bulk. Many have said that if you want the best ever amplifier, get one with vacuum tubes - so how does this one fare out?

Review – Logitech M280 Wireless Mouse

We've all seen a huge amount of wireless mice from manufacturers of the biggest brands and even ridiculous designs by unnamed Chinese manufacturers. I mean, seriously - there are imitations everywhere, some are their own imaginations, and yet nearly all of them had no quality control. Logitech however attempts to redefine mobile wireless mouse with their M-series mice, and we happen to have the M280.

Review – dbrand Skin

Here's my dilemma and also motivation to try out the dbrand skin - I am tired to phone cases. Most of them are just ugly, bulky, and/or plain expensive to the point where it's just daylight robbery. Oh - don't get me started on how phone cases block port access and degrades the power and volume presses.

Logitech brings innovative cases for iPad

We've seen Logitech bringing up some of the best iPad accessories in the past - but now they're back, and it made my jaw drop. They announced 2 new cases for the iPads. Type+ First one...

Review – Armaggeddon Pulse 5 Headphones

Headphones - they generally look a lot more huge, but performs better in most cases, given the same price range of course. Armaggeddon sent me their Pulse 5 headphones, a gaming-oriented pair of headphones where they also emphasize on the bass response.

Review – Armaggeddon Nuke 7 Earphones

When Armaggeddon sent me this product to review, I didn't know what to expect at all. I knew Armaggeddon did a lot of products, but this is the first time I'm reviewing their earphones. With that, I said to myself "okay, let's take it out for a spin and replacing my main pair of Beyerdynamic XP2". That's what I did, and here is everything I found out about the Nuke 7.

Review – PowerLogic TZLA Slim 5000 Power Bank

Recently, we've been a big shift in power banks - all thanks to Xiaomi. Many customers are in the know now, and currently searching for power banks that have high quality battery cells in it, and also the output amperage.

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