ASUS VivoBook S15 S533

LEAGOO launches the Elite 1

Here's a shout out to an amazing phone - close to stock Android, yet different enough to have its own special value.   Here's the Elite 1 - it's LEAGOO's flagship device that features top of...

Review – ASUS ZenFone Selfie: Budget-friendly + Camera on Steroids

The ZenFone Selfie actually differs quite a lot from the original ZenFone 2.

Get the camera-centered ZenFone Selfie and ZenFone 2 Laser today!

ASUS can't stop their train of amazing products now, and they're maintaining the momentum by bringing in two more amazing products - the ZenFone 2 Laser, and the ZenFone Selfie. So what are these two...

Review – LEAGOO Elite 4: RM500 Miracle

If you're looking into getting a brand new mid-range smartphone, then look no further than the LEAGOO Elite 4. Why? It comes with a package you can't resist, that's why - and what I mean by that is why I'm doing this review. To show you what it has to offer, and why it's great.

Review – ASUS RoG GX860 Buzzard Gaming Mouse

I'm going to jump right into the conclusion with this mouse - the RoG GX860 Buzzard is a mouse that I like waaaaaaaaaay more than the RoG Gladius, due to its shape and weight in particular. Though to explain why, that's the purpose of this entire review. Let's get right into it!

Review – honor 6 Plus: Still Honorable?

  December 2014 - Huawei's Honor announces the 6 Plus, with impressive specs all over. Made many jaws drop and dripping drool, including me myself. Months passed, many other phones came by. So... what about...

Review – ASUS ZenPad 7.0

In my personal opinion, I think that there are way too many tablets in the world of smart devices these days - but I'm not complaining. Having more tablets in the market means that manufacturers will innovate new things and implement them in their brand new tablet. Then, they have to include enough features and price it competitively to really capture the customers.

ASUS shows off both ZenPads, and other surprises

ASUS is really bringing out the Zen guns this year - and they're going Rambo with it and changing all of the existing product line's name to Zen-somethings. It started off with their ZenFone...

Review – ASUS ZenBook UX305F

The ASUS ZenBook is a piece of super-thin ultrabook that is set directly to the portable-yet-decent-performance market, particularly the MacBook Air's segment in the market, though on Windows. In short though, I have to say that ASUS did a very good job.

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